50 minutes : €45.00

A therapeutic massage using controlled pressure to stimulate pressure-points on the feet which are connected directly through the nervous system with each part of the body.
Reflexology promotes healing in the entire body.

- Fertility 


-Special Needs

-Baby & Child 

- Mother & Baby Reflexology classes

- Member of National Register of Reflexologists Ireland (NRRI). NRRI Registered Members are highly qualified, accredited practitioners for treatment under private health insurance by Aviva, GloHealth, Laya, Vhi & HOLISTIC SERVICES.

40 minutes : €45.00

Indian Head Massage is based on an ancient Ayurvedic healing system practice in India for over 1000 years. The Ayurveda approach is holistic, meaning that a healthy body is necessary for our happy progress through life, this can only be achieved if our physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions are addressed as a unity.

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing therapy that involves Massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and Scalp.

It balances natural energies and clears localised areas of negativity; relieving stress, aching shoulders, tight neck, sinusitis, tension headaches, eyestrain, insomnia and poor concentration.

45 minutes : €45.00

Hopi Ear Candling has gained popularity as we seek natural forms of health care. It is a safe, gentle, non-invasive therapy used since ancient times by many cultures using an old traditional formula originating from the Native American Hopi Indians to help with conditions such as compacted/excessive ear wax, tinnitus, vertigo, sinus congestion, hay fever, migraine and headaches. It is a fantastic stress reliever too.

The only candles that Therapeutic Treats Holistic Therapies use, are biosun as they are the only candles available with the safety kite mark and the ingredients are all natural including flax, beeswax, honey, essential oils and herbs.

60 minutes : €60.00

45minutes :€45.00

30 minutes : €35.00


A relaxing massage to help ease tense muscles, improve the circulation & boost the immune system.

40 minutes : €45.00

Inspired by Eastern welcoming traditions, this 40 minutes of bliss includes a foot soak, scrub & rub followed by a face & scalp massage.

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